Need help with Dolby Vision and Atmos

Hey guys,
Its been a while since I used my AppleTV, I have a Infuse pro lifetime license.
Recently got to know through the website that Infuse pro now supports Dolby Vision and Atmos.
So, my question is, how do I know the player is showing Dolby Vision and playing Atmos ?
I mean I have a LG C8 TV and Apple TV 4K. I have my 4k titles on my synology NAS and they are dolby vision and atmos content. I have Infuse pro 6.5.4(3348)
I can just directly play the content and Ifuse pro will play dolby vision and atmos ? or do I have check with settings ?

I see in movie description that it shows only 4K HDR TrueHD 7.1
I dont see Dolby Vision and Atmos mentioned anywhere, thats why the doubt.

If these are 4K Blu-ray rips them no, infuse will not be able to play these. 4K Blu-rays use a special two-layer profile of Dolby vision that isn’t supported by the Apple TV. It currently only supports profile 5 which is used by streaming services. For Dolby Atmos, it is only supported by EAC3 Dolby Digital +, also used by streaming. We need Apple TV to support audio bitstream pass through to support truehd + atmos

No, these are not Blu-ray rips, these are just full discs copied onto my NAS.
So, if apple tv only supports dolby vision and atmos thru steaming services … then Infuse pro do not support Dolby Vision and atmos ?
but, the infuse webpage says that it will support, thats how I got to know and posted the question here.
I am sorry if I sound like a noob, coz I really am noob :smiley: pls dont mind me asking these questions

What I meant to say is that Infuse only supports the same versions as those used by streaming services.

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I know it gets to sound like a bowl of gibberish but yes, Infuse does work with Dolby Atmos. It just has to be encoded within the video file using the same encoding code as what the streaming services use which is EAC3.

If you have full disk copies then you should have multiple audio tracks and they usually include a fall back 5.1 track so you’ll get surround sound either way. There are disk copy applications out there that will encode the Atmos track in the EAC3 format and those play fine with Infuse as long as the other requirements are met.

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Thanks alot guys, got it :slight_smile:
Cheers and love :slight_smile:

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