Need help setting up D-Link DNS-323 NAS with AppleTV 2

I just updated aTV Flash/Season Pass on my black AppleTV just because of the promise of SMB sharing with my NAS. I have a D-Link DNS-323 with the latest firmware on a Macintosh home network. I can’t seem to get it to connect. I’ve entered the name (Media_Hub), ip ( [Should this be], log in and password an workgroup. When I try to connect, I just get a connection error message. Please help! NAS connection is the reason I got aTV Flash in the first place.



Can’t offer specific help.


But I can offer encouragement.


This arrangement does work. I have the real thing “DNS-323” not a dns-321 or dns320 and it does indeed work for this purpose.


One thing I’ve noticed curiously enough, streaming through iTunes to a PC and playing back a video is jerky, where as streaming through an AppleTV2 running XBMC is smooth as silk, no jerkiness or artifacting… and the DNS-323 seems more at peace.


My estimate would be the AppleTV2 is doing an awesome job at buffering a variable bit rate path, not just buffering linearly but buffering in a way to accomodate the needs of the stream… which my ordinary PC does not.