Need help retrieving dirty jobs info in Plex

dirty jobs season 9 not retrieving info IT IS LISTED IN THE MOVIEDB
plex can not find it?
I think its showing the last season episode titles

Can you provide an example of how you have the files named? That may help figure out what’s going on. in the folder (dirty. jobs. ) with the dots after every word

Just so I’m sure I understand, are you seeing metadata but it’s incorrect or are you not seeing any metadata?

I’m getting the season 9 and the correct episode titles for example episode 1 is showing Rodbuster / Galvanizer which is correct.

I’m seeing meta data for 2012 down under which is also be listed as season eight in Themovie database

Plex only gives me two to chose from
Dirty jobs 2005
And dirty jobs Australia

Did you select the Dirty Jobs 2005 in Plex?

Ahhh ok, I just went to the seasons list and for some reason they have a bizarre season called “Down Under” in between season 8 and season 9. Let me dig into this a bit. :wink:

Can you select where Plex gets the metadata from? TMDB does show the down under as a separate season but I think Discovery channel has screwed this whole show history up some how. They don’t even show the down under season but other sources say that was the last of the 2005 series and the new episodes that are being called season 9 are a new show with the same name. Sorry it sounds so confusing but it appears to be even more confusing that it sounds too. LOL

Long story short, Infuse by itself fetches the correct info with the name you have but Plex seems to be digging in a different source.

It only wants to stick with a Plex agent and wanna go to search options I type in the year 2022 they give me the correct posters but there’s no data.i have to look into that more could this also be the reason why my other show the proof is out there every time I add new episodes its does not refresh the meta-data and usually I have to do it manually? Currently right now it’s not working ( the proof is out there) but there’s times where I just wait a few more days and when I hit refresh manually and it finds the new data. ALL other show no problem.

When streaming from Plex Infuse will use the metadata from Plex instead of fetching its own.

If you’re having issues with Plex fetching the correct info you might have better luck on the Plex forums.

I changed it to season 10 works now
I had it running on Infuse and it still came up wrong

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