Need Help, Ext. USB HD not seen

I’ve installed the latest version as of 1/16/09.
The last 2 versions, I cannot see any external USB hard disks.
I have a 1.5TB Seagate USB plugged into mini-usb hub.
It ‘lights’ up at AppleTv bootup, but once AppleTv is on, the external HD light goes out, and I cannot access it. (or see it)
Am I missing a step?
I have the Combo update installed, I can use my keyboard and mouse (so the USB mini hub works).
I may have asked before, but I will again:
Any simple 1-2-3 directions to start from ZERO and install everything to get everything to do what it’s supposed to do?
I have a version that worked, then it didn’t then it did, then it didn’t.
I flash, re-flash, watch, freeze, hang, reboot, etc., etc.
Is it me or is the the norm?

Just to try something out, what happens if you plug the USB hard drive directly into the AppleTV and bypass the hub? Shut everything down, plug in the USB hard drive, and turn on the AppleTV. Check the light on the hard drive and see if the AppleTV sees it. If not then let us know.

I can plug a 500GB HD in and it’s seen, but not the Seagate 1.5TB.
Therefore, I did a wipe out, factory reset of the AppleTV, reapplied the patch stick, copied over required files to the Documents folder, ran each ‘install’, and everything seems to be close to normal, almost.
No USB mouse, no keyboard, no more ‘Internet’ option on the menu, therefore how do I add the iTunes Library code after I bypassed it at start up, as well as the 1.5TB HD is now seen, but it shows no files, any reason why (if files do indeed exist?).
I THINK maybe because it’s NTFS, but not sure if that would be why.
I’m going to plug it into another PC tomorrow to verify.
OS X is supposed to read NTFS correct?
Anyway, as previously posted by me and possibly others, this is way too complicated for the average user. If not of the hacking community or experimental type person, there are so many unknowns that are not truly documented, or at least in an easy to follow, normal concise manner, easily understandable and understood.
Does ANYONE have a 1-2-3, A-B-C manual, directions, cheat sheet or other directions, each and every step with no missing steps?
This is supposed to be made easier via this patch stick method, and it may be, but it sure need more.