Need guidance for aTVFlash upgrade: aTV2 - 4.3 software & 1.2 aTVFlash


I’m happily using an aTV2 for the last year or more. Now it’s time to upgrade the software. I’m a little lost about what to do first and how to go about it. My aTV2 is running apple software 4.3 (2557) and I’m running aTVFlash 1.2. I’d like to install the 1.7 version.

When I go to the Settings>General menu - I try to upgrade the software but it says my aTV is up-to-date.

What’s the order I need to proceed through to get to 1.7?

Thanks in advance.


Little more information…

I am thinking I need to update the aTV2 software and then upgrade aTVFlash b/c I am having all my upgrades for modules fail when I try to install upgrades to them.

Also, I seem to remember a setting where I prevented the aTV2 from getting new apple software updates automatically. I can’t find that now. Is that why I can’t upgrade it?

Again, thanks

Another thing… I don’t have any menu item for enabling apple tv software updates in my Maintenance>Settings menu. Only Manage backups, backup type, submit diagnostics and relaunch aTV.

 If you go into Maintenance you should be able to update there.   Just click all the spots where it say update.  That should put you on 1.7 once finished.

If you want to upgrade both software and aTV Flash (black)…Just download it from your account - aTV Flash (black) and re-run the jailbreak (seasonpass) to upgrade everything. 

Thanks jackson.howard… but when I try to upgrade from maintenance they all fail on installation. I mentioned that above…

I am having all my upgrades for modules fail when I try to install upgrades to them.”

Any other ideas?