Need for a better caching system

  1. I am streaming through Mega. While streaming, if I open any other app or even the screen gets locked (manually, or due to screen timeout), the entire cache gets discarded and the app starts caching afresh.

  2. When the app starts caching, for a few seconds until the video starts to play, the UI is completely unresponsive to touch (especially the close button).

  3. Infuse caches the entire video and not for the next few minutes (like YouTube). The result is that, if the scenario described in case 1 happens, the entire cache is discarded and infuse starts caching the entire video again. This results in wastage of data and also negatively affects battery and resource usage.

When streaming, the cache will be removed when the app is closed or you switch to using other apps. This is due to Apple’s very limited amount of background activity time.

If you want to limit the bandwidth used by Infuse for caching you can switch the ‘Streaming Cache’ option found in Infuse > Settings > Playback from ‘Auto’ to ‘Memory Only’.