Need comprehensive info ATV1 vs ATV2 and aTV Flash

I currently have an ATV1 and bought aTV Flash yesterday.

I like the product but I'm still disappointed with the ATV1 streaming from the internet (choppy!).

Firefox is clunky to use (and I think the Remote HD interface is tragic. It's slow, cluttered, and has too many levels).

Couch Surfer is nice, but lacks Flash support. (I can't even get to using it)


So, this is a list of what I'd like to do with an ATV2. Can someone please let me know if the ATV2 w/aTV Flash Black

will do this, and if not when will it? Is it worth buying an ATV2 yet?


1) Stream video from the 'net without choppiness (like from, or Hulu, etc)

2) Connect to my PC iTunes and share the library (streaming)

3) Surf the web with a decent browser, preferably supporting Flash.

4) Support XBMC and/or Boxee and/or nitoTV so I can scrape other web sites, etc.

5) Store files locally (on a USB connected drive) for ripped DVDs, etc.

6) Support Divx, avi, etc, etc.



1. Unfortunately Adobe Flash is not currently supported on either device. However, HTML5 video streaming works quite well on the new black AppleTV.

2. This feature is currently available for the 1st gen model, and is coming soon for the new black model.

3. No Flash sorry. :(

4. XBMC is supported on both devices. Native metadata scraping will be coming for the new AppleTV soon.

5. Currently only the 1st gen AppleTV supports external drives.

6. Coming soon for the new AppleTV.

Thanks for the info - here's a few follow-ups:

1) Ok so no Flash (at least not yet) but what about streaming from the net in general? YouTube? Hulu? etc.?


4) What about NitoTV? I like the ability to connect to any networked drive and play media. Will the ability to connect to any networked drive be available (either through NitoTV or some other method) ?

5) Are external drives planned for aTV Black?



1. Unfortunately YouTube and Hulu are not currently supported.

4. More info on the progress of native NAS streaming can be seen here:

5. It's possible at some point in the future.

just thought you should know - i have hulu running through plex and xbmc.  it itsn't very good through plex - and you need a fast computer to convert everything on the fly.  it also has tons of bugs, and you have to downgrade your flash player on your computer.

xbmc on the other hand runs hulu perfectly.  it stutters at the start for a few seconds (sometimes), but after that it plays great (really high quality too).  the best part about it - no commercials!!!

i just think you guys at firecore should advertise this - because this will make a lot more people want to buy atvflash (black).

I am new xbmc - can you describe how you got Hulu to work using ATV Flash and your ATV 2?

thx in advance


i tried to explain it - but i had to post links and the forum wouldn't let me for some reason.