Need Advice

Hi guys,

I’m looking to buy an Apple TV from ebay but am new to the jailbreaking part of Apple TV so i just wanted to ask if i was to buy one from ebay that was running 4.4.4 would i still be able to jailbreak it? or because apple have stopped signing this version will i be unable to jailbreak it as i have to restore using iTunes?


Thanks in advance.


wait or buy jailbreaked already, otherwise you will stuck with itunes content.

Thanks i thought this would be the case.

From what i have read online it seems the new 5.0 (5.1) software will be jailbroken anyway but no idea how long it’ll be before it comes out! guess it’s a waiting game.

Dont listen to that asshole. yes you can jailbreak a 4.4.4 now.


Have you ever read that tutorial and credits ? I assume you haven’t.

Please filter your language and bye bye for a life.

Thanks for the reply.  Tho as apple had stopped signing i thought i would just update and wait for the new jailbreak/ATV Flash.  I just hope its sometime soon as i really wonna use my ATV to the full.

On 11th of March there was no solution ,couple days later it has been found, 2 more days later ih8sn0w issued his own solution. So keep your eyes open as this forum page and you will alvays be well informed  :).

I just hope it’s soooooooon!! :stuck_out_tongue:

so are you on latest 5 now?

yep! because i didn’t realise i could still JB 4.4.4 once apple had stopped signing!! stupid mistake i no!!! so now i need the new JB and aTV Flash!! can’t wait as it’s just sitting there doing nothing atm until i can get the other features!

we found way to do signing day after you posted your question.

New version is not far!/firecore/ 

I was a little stupid i must say!! but hey I’ll have to wait!