Need a way to lock/prevent child access altogether

We a way to completely lock or restrict access to Infuse on Apple TV. Parental controls only prevent access to rated content, but my kids can still play videos in infuse anytime, for as long as the want = bad. Apple TV does not (yet) have Apple ScreenTime controls, so it is not possible to restrict the device access or the apps used. An option in Infuse to set a passcode for any access would be useful. Better, a way to also add an allowable access duration, before a passcode is required.

One thing you can do in the current version is to enable parental controls, deselect all the ‘Allowed Movie/TV show Ratings’, and set the ‘Require PIN’ option to ‘Every Play’.

Doing this will allow the app to be opened, but require a PIN for every video played.

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