Near black flashing

I get this with 24hz series/movies with mediocre quality. Anyone else?
60hz pretty much removes it. Its only with appletv

This is normal, video need sync with TV.

Are you talking about when watching a movie? Not switching frame rate? I used to get near black flashing on my Oled LG B6 but don’t have it on my B8 fortunately.

I use to get this on my older LG 4K (non HDR). I had to turn off all the picture enhancements on the TV (super contrast, edge enhancement, etc).

It’s a problem in the LG image processor: LG 2018 OLED TV (B8, C8, E8) Near-Black "Flashing" Problem Analysed - YouTube

LG has issues some fix to mitigate this, but it still happens, especially on low quality source SDR videos.

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On my old tv I noticed it with web rips. HDTV rips played back flawlessly. The problem doesn’t occur with their oled models.

The video I posted is about their OLED TVs, and it does indeed occur; I’ve experienced it on my my C8.

I’ve never experienced it with my b7p. Did they move to a new processor with the c8 models? I remember reading articles about there being some issues with their newer “ai” processors.

Yes, C8 moved to a new processor.

I notice flashing when watching lower quality web rips, but interestingly, not in the center of the screen, in the main picture, but on the sides/corners, and ONLY when the screen is full black. When that happens, in the corners, I can see a flashing light-grey, hard to notice but if you think about it - it can be distracting. It is mainly in the upper left corner of the screen. :confused:

I also have the Vero 4K KODI box, when connected to the same HDMI cables - no flashing whatsoever, so it must be something with the Apple TV.