NBA (Netherlands)

Since the start of the 2012/2013 NBA season last week Apple has added NBA to the menu in The Netherlands, but it seems this is only the case for the latest software version, 5.1.
Firecore is still at 5.0.2 so no NBA available in The Netherlands on Apple TV with Firecore. Any info about when an update will be available so we can watch NBA on the Apple TV without having to use Airplay?


There should be a NBA App for Germany, too.

When I login to my US iTunes Account, I see the NBA App but I can’t login, as this is not the International League Pass.

No NBA App when using the german iTunes account.

Putting my weight behind this too as a UK user. I understand we’ll get the update eventually, it’d be good to get a timeline though if anyone knows anything?

Same here in Finland. How can I install NBA TV icon back to the grid?