NBA League Pass

A direct NBA League Pass application would be awesome…

Yes, that would be great. Or at least a way to watch it! Doesn't work for me!!

Anybody else experiencing this problem or can you all watch NBA League Pass over your Apple TV 2??


Ditto to that!!! The NBA is finnaly comming and I would be very happy if aTV Flash would somehow enable us to watch our NBA league pass subscriptions live on aTV even if we are in Europe. If you guys make that happen b4 XMas I buy your product in a heartbeat!!!

PS: My post should was referring to aTV 2nd gen. 

I would like too!!! NBA will be free for Xmas, I’d like to enjoy it on AppleTV black… pleaseeee! :slight_smile:

I have ATV2 also and would love the ability to watch as am a UK NBA League Pass subscriber.


That Idea is awesome, I would like to suggest this one too.