Navigation Sounds Broken since tvOS 13

Since the upgrade to tvOS13 the navigation sounds don’t work any more in Infuse (6.1.7 and 6.1.8)

By navigation sounds I mean it it used to make sounds when I swiped left or right over my Favourites on the Infuse screen, and while navigating (up/down/left/right) through my files.

Now it only seems to make sounds if you swipe left or right between the Search button and the Settings button, on the Infuse home screen, or if you are swiping up/down in the actual Infuse settings screen.

Is this an Infuse bug or something that got broken in tvOS 13?

A friend suggested rebooting my ATV, and that seems to have fixed it.

That’s a hoot! I had that on one one of my ATVs and I just now confirmed after reading your first post that a restart will as you said in your second post will cure it. The other three made the tvOS transition without a hitch but one did the same as yours.

Bless the restart option in the ATV settings! :slight_smile:

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