Navigate to recently added episodes of TV shows?


I’ve been using Infuse for quite some time now, and as I’m moving away from Plex to Jellyfin with Infuse as frontend, I will be using it even more in the future. But it looks like there are a few limitations compared to just connecting Infuse to some SMB share. Currently, I’m struggling with finding the most recent episode of a TV show.

I just learned that using the direct mode (with the library option switched off) is the way to go performance-wise (am I right here?). This works very well and shows me the TV shows in the right order, so that a TV show that has a new episode with the most recent creation date will show up first in the list. However, when selecting that TV show Infuse will only navigate to its very first episode. Is there a way I can make Infuse go to the most recent episode instead?

If you are using the ‘Next Up’ list from Jellyfin then I believe this will be limited to showing a single episode.

However, you can also pin the ‘Latest xxx’ item to the Infuse Home Screen for the various libraries you have set up in Infuse. Doing this should allow you to access the entire series.

Other lists can be pinned by tapping the Lists icon in the top right corner of the Home Screen, and looking for section of items from your Jellyfin server.

Hi James, thank you for your help!

When I select the list icon on the top of the screen I can only see three options for the direct connection to Jellyfin: Next up, Latest TV shows and Favorites that I can specify.

From those options, Latest TV shows seems to work best, but unfortunately only for “some” of the TV shows. Those will have written something like “Season …” beneath the show’s title and for those Infuse will in fact navigate to the most recent episode of that show. However, there are other shows where that “Season …” text is missing and here I will always be shown the first episode of that show. Do you have any idea what might be the reason here? The metadata (.nfo files) is basically set up the same for all TV shows.

UPDATE: I did some more testing and it now seems that this might not really be an issue with Infuse but with Jellyfin itself. The TV Shows where Infuse will show “Season …” beneath the name of the TV show will show the most recently added episode name in the Jellyfin web interface. In contrast, for TV shows that only have the name and nothing else in Infuse, Jellyfin will show the starting year of the TV show. So I guess in those cases Jellyfin will simply not transfer an episode number to Infuse… sounds reasonable to you?

Btw., is there any way to attach a screenshot here?

That could be the case. If a series only has a single season, then you may see the ‘Season X’ text below, and if there are multiple seasons this would not be shown. It just kind of depends on what info Infuse is able to get from Jellyfin.

PS - You can upload an image by simply dragging in into the text entry window when composing a reply.

Hmm, the problem is that the “Season …” text is displayed for some series with more than one season and not for others (most of my series do have more than one season). But I guess, this is really something that should be looked on at the Jellyfin side.

But I just tried switching back to Library Mode and at the top of “Home” there actually is a list of recently added episodes. So that basically is what I want, and Infuse has no problem with syncing my 8K episodes. On thing bothers me, though:

Why are there only placeholder images? What kind of artwork does Infuse need here when connected to Jellyfin? Those series do have backdrops (aka “fanart”) and all episodes have a thumbnail, too. I suppose this is also Jellyfin-related, but maybe you can point me in some direction where to look…

Btw. If I select some series under “Zuletzt hinzugefügt” (German für “recently added”), Infuse will always show me the first episode of that series. The order of the series itself is correct but it would be a great improvement if opening a series would move to the most recently added episode here.