Navi-X Restart Issue - Please Help

I have a 2nd gen, 5.0.1 JB with Seas0nPass, works great but one thing. Most of the time Navi-X will restart my apple tv. I can normally go right back in pick the movie I wanted to watch and watch it in it’s entirety without issue. But searching for something on there is very irritating when it restarts every minute or two into opening it. 

I have removed and reistalled the beigelist

Purchased Apple Router 

Re-Jailbroke with most updated Zips (repos) 


The apple router seemed to make Navi X run a lot smoother but still got the restart after a few minutes on the fresh JB…Please help. 

I cannot be the only one with this issue…no one can help??

Ask about it at the official Navi-X support forum: