Native plex server protocol support

Native plex server support without the use of DLNA would be great.

The Tvos plex app loads instantly.Plex over DLNA to Infuse takes forever to load. Shared folders over SMB load faster but still slow compared to the Native plex app, but you don’t benefit from positional tracking and watched tags being registered by the Plex server and lose all the other benefits of a central server.

Infuse is a much better player allowing direct play and dts/ac3 support (excellent job!). With the Plex app most everything has to be transcoded and this is very disappointing for the majority of Plex users.

Plex users have a major gripe with lack of direct play with Apple TV and plex has no intention of a standalone player for the Apple TV.

VLC for Apple TV has native support with plex but it’s interface is nowhere near comparable to Infuse.

Full native integration with Plex server protocol would be huge and would likely result in a huge influx of new customers that use Plex media server to purchase Infuse!

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