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I was searching the forums and found a discussion about possible Plex client support being considered for future version of Infuse. However, I wasn’t able to find if decission has been made yet. It definetly is missing from planned features, AFAICT.

I’m trying to figure if I should go for Infuse 5 upgrade or should I rather wait to see if Plex client would make it to Infuse? I have tried both Squire and MrMC as they have Plex client but my family didn’t like ther UI & UX.

I welcome all recent changes and improvements to Infuse but continue to mainly use it on tablets with local content while travelling. To make Infuse work for our TVs we need a comfortable way to manage our libraries and set parental controls for each familly memmber separately. We currently have libraries for adults, 14, 10 and 4years kids separated on MPAA ratings. Separate profiles ensure each familly memmber receives his/her own content once logged in. Now, we wouldn’t mind switching from Plex to Infuse completely if some sort of centralized mouse based library management is planned.

Are there any plans for music libraries? I was a happy iTunes user for years but it’s becomming a real PITA because of changes made in last couple of years.

Thanks for your feedback.


Multi-user accounts and native Plex support is on our radar to look into for an upcoming version, but unfortunately we don’t have an ETA just yet.

In the current version you can set age restrictions with parental controls (configure these through Infuse > Settings) though one set of limits would apply to all usage inside Infuse.

Proper Plex client support in Infuse would literally turn Infuse into THE media client of choice. You would get the excellent benefits of the Plex media server without their crappy client on the Apple TV which struggles to natively play much and is full of bugs. It would be the best of both worlds

At the moment I’m continuing to use the Plex ATV client as I find the Infuse metadata and library updating nowhere near as good as Plex given the library metadata only updates when actively browsing.

Infuse is BRILIANT at video/audio playback but very weak on media management/ metadata. Imagine if the two could be combined!

I really think this needs to be added as a planned feature ASAP.


I couldn’t agree more! Is there any update on this?

Marking thread as solved since support is on the radar for future releases.

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+1 on this

On infuse 5, it was working. The upgrade to 6 broke Plex integration into Infuse.

Native Plex access is even advertised as one of the features.

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