Native Jellyfin Support

Hey there!
I’m from the Jellyfin project, and as a long time Infuse user (back to the ATV Flash Black days), I’d love to see native Jellyfin support added.
We’re the open source fork of Emby, from before they became a closed source project.

Right now, when you plan to add Emby Support, it’s very likely that we’ll be able to use the same integration. If there are any questions, please reach out and I would be happy to answer them. Thanks!

Great to see Jellyfin contributor here. I am excited about the future emby but more so Jellyfin integration because I see that’s where the future is ?

Jellyfin support is currently in progress for the upcoming 6.4 release.

Stay tuned!


This would be great because then I could use Jellyfin on tvOS

There are a few tvOS options whilst you wait for v6.4 of Infuse (namely the official app and MrMC):

This is great, I cannot wait to finally ditch plex!

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Can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:

Happy Tuesday!

Beta testing of Infuse 6.4 with native support for Emby & Jellyfin is set to begin soon! ?

If you’re interested in testing this and giving us some feedback please sign up at


Awesome. I signed up, can’t wait to test this :slight_smile:

I also signed me up, i can test jellyfin and emby

If only my old iPad 4 still would be supported… But I’ll continue to run both plex and jellyfin, looking forward for this to all the other devices!

Hello guys
I am anxious to see jellyfin support on infuse. Wish you best of luck and ambition during the implementation period :slight_smile:
I hbe just one question. Do you consider of including the TV tuner feature of jellyfin in the jellyfin module of infuse?
Thank you in advance for your great effort

moin wann komm jellyfin auf apple tv raus ?? freu mich schon richtig

Moin, das hier ist ein englisches Forum. Also am besten auch nur auf der Sprache schreiben. Jellyfin ist gerade schon in der Beta und läuft ziemlich gut.

Jellyfin is currently in beta and runs very well.

When can Jellyfin test on Apple TV?

Now. Just sign up for the beta.

It seems you are already a Jellyfin tester. Did you install TestFlight on your ATV?

how can i register beta ?

I installed TestFlight on apple tv he wants a code

Didn’t James give you instructions when you signed up for testing Jellyfin?

unfortunately nobody told me how to do it


or not ??

TestFlight invites went out this morning.

Please check your spam folder, or send me a PM if you are having trouble.