native eyetv support

I've read many posts on various sites about accessing EYETV recordings via the web browser within a "ATV flash" enabled ATV2 device which I have been able to do. This, however, is sluggish and the resolution is terrible not to mention getting to the eyetv content I've stored takes about 8 steps.  What I'm really after is the ability to install the eyetv application (like the one for iphone and ipad) directly on the ATV2 device so that the option to view live tv, recorded tv, or to record live tv or program recordings, is available within the native ATV menu (like Netflix). I've seen scripts for the ATV1 but they seem to use USB mounted wireless keyboards and other things I can't currently do. My configuration is a ATV2, Elgato HD HomeRun tuner, iMAC recording shows to an externally attached firewire800 2tb drive all attached to a wired LAN.

It seems to me if that ATV2 OS is based on the iphone OS and the iphone can run the eyetv app (from the appstore) then there should be some porting ability of this program to the ATV2.

I'm also wondering is fireCore is working on any native integration of the eyetv app(s) since the user community is so entrenched with elgato/eyetv.

p.s. I know airplay is available but I'm really interested in getting the eyetv application accessible via the native ATV2 menu.

Thanks in advance for any advice.