Native EyeTV files

Fair Warning: I am an advanced PC user but a complete noob to both Apple, AppleTV and aTV Flash…

I purchased the aTV flash to use the web browser and play Native Eyetv files without having to convert them. The web browser works as expected; however, I am not sure what needs to be configured to play native EyeTV files. What needs to be configured to get to the folder on my iMac? Can this hack even play native Eyetv files? I assumed (never good) that there would just be a way to have my eyetv files show up under “My TV Shows” as they do when they are converted. Please let me know how to begin.

The original menu items on the AppleTV like Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Photos, etc. do not change after the hack. If you want to play other files you have to use Boxee, XBMC, ATV Files, or NitoTV. You can connect to your Mac via SMB or AFP by following the steps on the wiki.