Native Emby support

I am a relativly new ATV4 user and for now I am using Emby Server and MrMC. Everything works but Infuse looks so much better. All the Clients in my house use Emby Server and MrMC so it would be too much work to change everything to plex. I really hope with version 6 there is a big surprise fur us emby users :wink:

Btw: Is there another way to use the library of emby inside Infuse?

I would also like to see this. I do use Plex currently, but I don’t trust them to completely destroy their product more than they already have, and they also have indirect control over my server, so an open alternative would be very much appreciated.

I’ve dumped Plex for for Emby now for my devices that Infuse doesn’t run on. It’d be nice to let the Emby server manage things for Infuse too.


Yes for emby support !!!

Hopefully the topic is hot enough to arrive in v6.0 !

+1 for Emby support!

Another +1 for Emby support. I recently dropped Plex and restarted my Emby Premiere sub, and would love to be able to connect my Emby library to Infuse so I can watch my HDR movies on my non-HDR TV with proper tone mapping.

+1 for Emby/Jellyfin (the opensource variant of Emby) support

+1 for Emby support. The full Emby support wold make my home setup for me just perfect. No matter the cost… cause i have escaped from Plex to Emby :slight_smile:

Very expect infuse can native link to emby server! Hope developer could add this feature ASAP!
P.S. I’m a ex-plex user but now I love emby more !


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Infuse is hands down the best video player there is. Emby is the most flexible metadata handler there is. I am currently switching from Plex to Emby, because for the life of me I can’t understand why Plex won’t let you edit cast metadata and why they treat movie and TV show libraries so differently.

So please integrate Emby as well, because the UPNP integration just doesn’t look very appealing.

+2 for Jellyfin support.

Jellyfin support would be great!

Also would love Jellyfin support

Wohoo Emby Support made it to the „planned features“



Emby is way more user-friendly than plex coming to multi-subtitle video and more flexible regarding the naming principal. The metadata agent that Emby uses are more simple and handy(easy to understand and configurate) than the Plex ones. Also, it natively supports .nfo metadata profiles located in the same folder of media.