Native Apple Silicon support

You paid your money for the Apple TV Version or the iOS version, you can’t complain about an unreleased version that you are getting to test for free. M1 support is likely coming, however I can imagine the dev teams main focus is a generic version that works on most of the Mac’s out there. That includes the newer M1 (via rosetta2) and the much larger portion of older Intel Mac’s. It doesn’t make sense to prioritise the M1 version for a much smaller subset of users, than to get a generic version out there that covers the whole Mac user base. Sure the M1 specific version will follow, but its’ a little naive of you to expect them to prioritise a smaller user base.


Hey @Plasma, keep cool :wink:
We are all beta testers here and each one of us are here to give our feedbacks and our point of view. We are not here to fight against each other.

@xazac is like me, an early adopter ! With our MacBooks M1 we can notice the differences between Apps with Apple Silicon and those which works with Rosetta 2. I have the same dream: to have all my apps fully compatibles with Silicon :innocent: I’m also sad and I understand that developers may be focused on bugs fixes before making the app compatible for Apple Silicon.

It will comes we have to be patients as @James said.

Keep cool guys and enjoy Infuse which is the best app for playing our videos every day :heart:

I’m completely cool and wasn’t fighting with anyone, merely pointing out the sensible business decision behind the development focus. But I feel the ‘No M1 support, so bad’ comment was extremely rude.

I’ll be switching to an M1 as soon as they release the 16" MBP, and I’ve been with Infuse since the days of Jailbreaking the Apple TV 2 with Flash Black. I fully support the developers and convert friends and family to Infuse where ever possible.

On my desktop device probably won’t matter but @james what do you think could be the battery life benefits that we could expect from a native M1 version?

Native M1 support is available in today’s beta 5 update. :slight_smile:


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