Native Apple Silicon support

Looks awesome! Will you release an Apple silicon version as well? I haven’t installed Rosetta at all and this alpha version requires Rosetta…

Maybe with the binaries of the Apple TV version?

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Off-Topic, but related…

I’ve heard others say that they want to keep their M1 Macs “clean” of Rosetta 2, and, while that’s obviously your choice and I can understand the sentiment, all I’ll say is that I think you’re missing out.

Having used things like “Virtual PC” and even the original Rosetta, I’ve suffered through the barely usable (or unusable) experience of those options. Rosetta 2 is completely different. I think it would be almost impossible for people to tell whether or not they are using an app under Rosetta 2 or not.

If you decide, philosophically, that you don’t want to use it, that’s fine, but performance/experience-wise, there’s no reason not to install Rosetta 2.


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Surprisingly stable performance so far, will return with more feedback after deeper testing!
Will a universal binary / dedicated M1 build be released later? This is my only app running on Rosetta currently. :slight_smile:

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Most likely yes.

Lots of balls still in the air. :wink:

At the moment, everything I work with works fine with native M1. Docker, slack, Firefox, visual studio code, tower git, Xcode, nodes, Redis, natsio, sketch, movist etc… So I have everything I need without Rosetta.

So life is not bad without Rosetta at all for me. Most of the developer community reacted very well… :slight_smile:

Interesting. I didn’t realize it wasn’t just baked into the OS by default.

une version M1 est disponible en beta ,?

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I’m also waiting for M1 Beta version to come before to test it on my Mac mini M1. Thanks

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