NAS with SSD?

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Does it make Sense to use SSDs in a NAS? :wink::+1:

Is there a big Performance boost in Infuse with Scrubbing Performance etc?

Anyone using a NAS with SSD and could tell me something about it?

Iā€™d say no. Standard hard drives are more than capable of serving up files for playback over a network. Any improvements to this experience an SSD might give would be negligible at best, and non-existent at worst.

I have about 45 TB worth of storage on my NAS, all on standard hard drives and it has essentially flawless performance.

I second this. SSDs are only required when doing lots of sequential rapid read and writes such as running VMs or hosting high usage databases.

Mostly NAS use ssd for storage or cache. if you think and your RAID setup need little boost set them as cache drive rather storage and dont invest much. a 128 gb or 256 is more than enough. As these will do the needfull as the LAN throughput even mid range will not exceed SSD or even RAID 1 ( 3+1) config.