nas with media player...


i'm writing from please excuse my english...

how can i access a smb nas with media player...(AFP??)...

ok, i have a nas , i've always accessed it trough XBMC..but new media player it's better, because it can see my HD plugged on my airport extreme usb port, so if i can also see the nas...i've a complete control over all mi HD movies...



I have exactly the same question... The aTV can't find my nas... juste my Imac.... When i put the parameters of the nas ( IP... ), the Apple Tv says me that error because not AFP server ????


Is it possible ?


Please for yours answers.






For now it requires AFP. I assume it does not yet support smb (samba, cifs, windows networking) nor NFS. There are open source afp solutions for most NAS units if they aren't already built in.




That's exactly right, no SMB support yet - only AFP for now.