NAS that is infuse(ATV) compatible AND MacOs compatible (can mount the NAS volumes on macbook pro and read/write to it)

I can’t seem to find a NAS that is both Infuse compatible AND MacOs compatible (can mount the NAS volumes on macbook pro and read/write to it.) I’ve looked at many of the solutions that SEEM to fit (WD MyCloud, Netgear, etc) but in the end, their software either won’t let the Macbook read and write to the drive, or it won’t let Infuse on the Apple TV stream from the volumes. I’ve been using an Apple AirPort Extreme with a USB drive plugged into it, which has worked splendidly. But then the AirPort got old and needed replacing, so finally, after trying out several alternatives, I went back to the AirPort, which is discontinued, so I had to find a used one on Ebay. And that has worked fine, but now it, too, is wearing out. HELP!! Is there nothing out there that will allow me to mount a drive on my WiFi network, mount a volume on my Macbook, copy files to it, and then stream those files from Infuse on the Apple TV? It has been such a sweet setup for years, I can’t imagine giving it up.

I just started running a Synology 920+ a few months ago and it’s been rock solid with multiple iMacs, MacBook, 4 ATVs and multiple iPhones and iPads.

Unboxed and configured in an hour or so (newbie to real NASs) and it’s been bullet proof with SMB, AFP, and easy to change options.

Going with 3 8TB drives and an open 4th slot for future expansion is hard to beat.

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That sounds great. I don’t need much storage. Do you think the 1-bay version, DS 120J, would have the same compatibility?

I wouldn’t bet on it but I can’t say for 100 % sure. You are really limiting yourself by going to a one drive NAS. There is so much to gain with the 2 bay at least. The 220+ and 720+ both give you a far better processor and the ability to expand later. You can still use only one drive but at least with these you can later add another.

Things in the multimedia world are changing so fast that it’d be worth the extra to future proof your setup a bit.

One thing for sure, I’d not recommend a single bay device. Hard drives are getting cheaper and bigger but having the ability to expand and back up things at the same time are important.

They are also TimeMachine compatible if I recall correctly.

Have you set up your Synology for access outside your home?
What is the best way? Is SFTP connection possible?

Nope, sorry.

Not sure but they do support webdav. I’d suggest you check out their web site. They have a pretty easy to navigate list of features and functions for each model and a comparison of your choices.


I’ve got an old PC running Ubuntu Linux on it. With the samba package, the drives are available for read/write on both Macs and Infuse (iOS and AppleTV).

Like others have said, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the 1-bay model. You can use the other HDD bays for backup and storage.

While WebDAV is an option, what I do is stream files to an AppleTV from a Synology using Infuse within my LAN, and then use Synology’s DS video on a mobile device or Video Station to stream remotely, very easy to set up.

I am not sure that I understant your problem. If you are purely local wich seems to be the case then you only need to have read/write access to the drive.

I used to have a MyCloud drive and now upgraded to a Synology DS 120J. They both work perfectly with my Mac, Apple TV and iPad.

The NAS and the Apple TV are both connected to a router via ethernet now but I did used the Apple TV on wifi for a while and everything was dandy even with 4k movies.

From the Mac you can mount the NAS in the Finder via SMB and read videos using IINA or VLC. Obviously you can copy new videos to the drive or delete old ones using the Finder.

On the Apple TV and iPad, Infuse is also connected over SMB and you can read and even delete videos without any problem.

The only thing is that you need to connect using a user that has the rights to read and write to the disk :slight_smile:

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Or you could use Infuse. :wink:

Of course, once it is out of beta Infuse will be my solution of choice.

QNAP or Synology will work fine for both Apple TV and MacOS using the AFP network standard.

I would get a 2 bay minimum unit, you could always expand it in the future or do RAID1 to help out in case of drive failure.

WD Mycloud and Netgear are not what I would consider a real NAS. Netgear used to make real NAS’s, but when they switched to the READYNAS OS, their software looked better but went downhill. Many netgear users jumped shipped at that point.

If you have an old desktop PC laying around or find one in a yardsale or something, you can use Unraid software for $60 to turn it into a NAS. Even an average desktop from 10 years ago will still be much faster than a lower spec ARM NAS from Synology or QNAP. But it may use a few more dollars a month in electricity. You need 2 drives to start using Unraid.

If your MACos is newer than 10.9 Mavericks, then Apple is fully supporting SMB file protocol on your machine, so you don’t need AFP any more. You can use OpenMediaVault to turn your old computer into a NAS for free:

I use Asustor with all platforms seamlessly as well, supports AFP for Mac, SMB for my media streamers etc. I chose it for its MyArchive feature (When I broke 40TB I wanted to archive instead of grow), others may have a feature similar now, but when I bought it, it was the only one with that style of feature. My previous one was Synology another excellent NAS with Mac support.

I have a Seagate Personal Cloud NAS and it works well between my MacBook Air, the appleTV and my windows PC. Some of the functionality isn’t quite the same as rhe PC but overwll I’d give it a 7/10. The one thing is that every so often it forgets where the NAS on my network but i just go back to “go to server” etc and it appears back in “Finder”

Seagate “Personal Cloud” or Western Digital "MyCloud? Just to clarify for the op. :wink:

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Thanks for catching this, just updated my response. Its Personal Cloud

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I am a total apple user, have 3 imacs and 2 apple tvs, I tried the cheap NAS route including WD Mycloud which was awful. I went with a Synology 4 bay NAS (DS418play) and have never looked back. It was expensive but worthwhile, the key is processor power. It will run from the imac and I run infuse pro on the apple tv. Best solution ever.