NAS streaming

I’ve looked around the forums and have a question.  What can I stream from NAS?  Music, movies, pictures?  All three?  I would like to leave the computer out of the loop if possible.  Can all this be done with aTV Flash, or are some of the plug ins required, such as PLEX?

I currently stream all 3, Music, movies and pictures, however, you cant stream your itunes content, this must be done from your itunes account on your PC.

I was under the understanding this was one of the features of aTV Flash (the ability to stream content without iTunes involved)  If I can stream media without computer, will I have access to playlists, etc. on the Apple TV?

So whilst you can stream all those types of media from your NAS to aTV, you cant play iTunes playlists without your PC (or Mac) being on and your iTunes account open.

So for me, I have to have my NAS on with all my films, pictures and some MP3’s but my PC needs to be on to play my iTunes playlists which everysinlg one of us finds frustrating. This however is not a limitation of aTV Flash, but a Apple/iTunes.