NAS streaming


I use Infuse via Apple TV and that via a Synology NAS.
When the Apple TV is on a wifi I have no problems in connecting to Infuse.
However the moment I put the Apple TV on ethernet, I cannot somehow connect to Infuse.
Any ideas on what am I missing out on ?

Many thanks.

This sounds like it may be a network configuration issue.

Are you able to connect to this device from a Mac/PC while connected to Ethernet?

For fun, you might also try connecting using the same Ethernet cord used by the Apple TV.

Which protocol are you using to connect to the synology? SMB?

In address section are you using an IP (X.X.X.X) or a DNS name (hostname.local)?

If you can reach the synology from other devices or your web browser the answer is probably in this last question :slight_smile: