NAS share - No movie covers showing for folders

I have followed the Option 2 naming structure for movies (as per the support link below) but cannot get the covers to show at the folder level (see Option 2 from here:

Using the example in the link, when browsing the “Movies” directory when someone wants to select a movie to watch (with list view switched off), I can see that there are 2 folders (i.e. one called “Pulp Fiction” and another called “Inception”) but no covers/art appear at all. It’s only when I tap into one of the directories (e.g. “Pulp Fiction” directory), does Infuse then start matching the metadata and shows the cover art for that one movie. I have all my movies structured using Option 2 (i.e. one movie in one directory).

From what I can tell, others have had similar trouble. Is what I’m trying to do possible? If so, what am I doing wrong?

Further details of my setup just in case it’s relevant: I’m using Infuse v3.4 Pro on an ipad mini 2. I access movies on my home network from a QNAP NAS device using the inbuilt Twonky DLNA server. Infuse can access, browse and play video flies from the DLNA server fine. Thank you.

Are there any other files inside the ‘Pulp Fiction’ folder? Infuse is setup to recognize single movie folders as playable items, but if other files are present in the folder (aside from subtitles, artwork, etc…) then Infuse will still treat it as a normal folder.

I usually have a jpg cover art file and srt subtitle file in each movie directory (same name as the video file). I had even tried deleting these (i.e. only having one movie file in each directory). None of these options seemed to work. I also tried deleting all the metadata to see if this made a difference - no luck.

Could it be something to do with accessing my NAS through DLNA? I have not yet tried other methods. Although this is different to what I’m trying to do, I did read that the folder art (using a “folder.jpg” file) does not work when using DLNA. Could this be related to issue I’m having? Thank you.

James, I’ve been reading through some of the other topics on this forum and it seems like others are experiencing the same issue with covers not showing at the folder level when using UPnP/DLNA. Refer here:

I would be interested to understand whether this issue can be resolved (possibly next version?). Thanks.