NAS recommendation

Hello guys!

I was thinking about buying a simple NAS to watch my 4K content and I came across the DS218J Synology model, but I am not sure if it would be sufficient. If I understand everything correctly, since Infuse is going to be responsible to read and play the content on the ATV, the NAS does not have to be powerful, right? I intend to hook up everything through Ethernet cables.

Also, would it be a problem if I connect an external drive in the NAS instead of having regular drives inside it as it was designed to have? I would like to save money for now and take advantage of a drive I already own.

I have a Synology - they are very good, and the Synology OS is very good as are the range of apps available to install in them…

You’re correct that streaming to an Apple TV and Infuse means you need have no worry or care about the NAS processor speed etc - it doesn’t need to transcode or any of that nonsense, just feed the data to your ATV.
Ethernet would indeed be bulletproof - I use wifi from a Asus router and don’t have any problems even with 4k files etc.

I’m not totally sure though if it’ll boot up and work if you don’t install at least one drive in it… never even tried that, but yes you plug in an external through USB also.
I’d say you should get one internal drive for it anyway to start with…

Or first check your router - I know I could plug in a hard drive to my Asus router and use that drive as a network drive - in other words, you don’t need the Synology at all.
Just plug a drive in to a decent modern Asus router and you can then use it to feed to your ATV.

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What you are saying about having at least one internal HD makes totally sense. I haven’t considered that this could be an issue. Anyway, I’ll research a little more about it just to be sure.

Also, I have completely forgot that plugging in an external HD straight to the router is possible, although mine is a regular router/modem offered by the company who provides the internet service. I am not sure if it could handle it, but I will test it anyway as soon as I get home. In any case, I now know that Asus routers are good.

Thank you very much for the explanation! I am so relieved that I don’t have to buy a powerful device. Infuse saved my life as soon as I discovered that transcoding would be off the table.