NAS, or USB/FW attached to iMac

Hi there,

Firstly my set-up:

I currently have a Mac Mini under my TV (in my living room) which is almost entirely used for playing back video content. I’m thinking of moving to an ATV as it represents a better 10ft UI/experience. I have a fair amount of video content, some of which is in .avi format (have been using Boxee on my Mac Mini to view this)

My network set up is:

iMac situated in my home office.
Routers (ISP supplied modem/router attached to Time Capsule which is in bridge mode)
200Mbps powerline adaptors
Apple TV will be attached to a Netgear 4 port Powerline switch/hub

I want to put all my video content on a separate 2TB hard disk. My question is around the best way to do this in a way that is most compatible with aTV Flash. My options are:

USB drive attached to the iMac (cheap option)
FireWire drive attached to the iMac
NAS attached to the 4 port Netgear Powerline switch/hub (assuming this would be better than attaching a NAS anywhere else…?)
USB drive attached to ATV

Although the ATV flash looks like the best option right now I also want to keep my options open for any alternative option I may want to move to in the future.

What d’you reckon? Which is the best option and set up?

Many thanks

One other complication/question: my wife and I have our own user account on the iMac. If I attached a drive to the iMac will ATV Flash need the iMac to be logged in to a specific user account, or will it ‘see’ the drive regardless of wuxi user is logged in?

Which version of Mac OS X are you running on the mini? Right now we’re working to resolve some issues with OS X Lion and AppleTV streaming, but if you’re running an older version you should not have any problems.

Any of the options you described should work just fine. The AppleTV uses a username/password to connect so you will be able to stream from the mini no matter who is currently logged in (you could even have everyone logged out).

If you chose to attach the drive to the Time Capsule you could stream to both the mini and AppleTV.

Connecting the drive via Firewire will not provide any added benefit.

Hi there,

The Mini is on it’s way out (still working out what to do with it - sell or put to some other, yet to be established use). I’m switching out the Mini for an (black) Apple TV. ATV Flash will be used so that I can continue to watch .avi content.

Since my OP I’ve opted for a WD ethernet drive (my techie friends scorn at me referring to it as a NAS 'cos it’s not in an ugly cabinet :slight_smile: )

I’ll stream from Ethernet drive to ATV Flash.

Just need to work out where best to house my iTunes friendly, and sometimes needed on my iPad iTunes movies