NAS <-> MacMini(PMS) <-> ATV Network Speed / Routing of stream

Hi James,

Just one quick question

I have my Files stored on NAS which is connected via Gigabit LAN. I watch via Infuse on ATV which is connected via Gigabit LAN.

I use I have Library setup via Plex. PMS runs on a MAc Mini which is connected via 5Ghz Wlan (currently reacing 351 Mbit/s.

Are files directly streamed from NAS via Gigabit LAN to ATV or are they routed via MacMini (PMS)?


They’ll be routed to your PMS on your Mac. Can you run plex directly on your NAS?

Technically yes , but the NAS is not able to transcode and I have other devices that ATV connecting to PMS.

Your setup should be ok for 1080p but if you end up streaming 4K you’ll need to hardwire your Mac mini.

4k streams fine most of the time but I had buffering issues for one or two files.

I just bought a fritz repeater and have hard wired the mini. Lets see how it will turn out.

Thanks for helping