NAS indexing error

Hi everyone!
Eversince I’ve updated my Apple TV 4k to infuse 5.6.x I’ve been getting frequent indexing error with my NAS, it used to work perfectly but now I’m getting the indexing error and unable to open content error if I’m trying to open a specific movie.
Anyone else experiencing the same? Any solutions?

Quitting the app or restarting the Apple TV seem to work, but this seem to be very irritating considering I want to keep watching the next file…

What type of device are you streaming from?

A number of QNAP users recently had their shares disabled when installing a recent NAS firmware update, so you might check your NAS settings to ensure they are still correct and working.

I’m using WD My Cloud, It’s been working great up until now, and the last firmware update was on April

We’ve had a few reports of issues like this when installing tvOS updates.

To resolve this, you might try re-entering your login details into the share settings, or removing and re-adding the share entirely.

Tried both solution - the indexing keep failing

In this case, it’s probably best to send in a report from your Apple TV and open a support ticket so we can look further into this.

I’ve uploaded the log… please try and help - the issue persists… since the last 2 updates to the software