NAS for ATV4 4K + Infuse Pro 6


I am new here coming from Plex.
I am looking for a cheap low noise storage solution.

Right now I have been looking at WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra because it seems cheap but are there better alternatives?

My router sadly doesn’t support USB which I think would be cheaper ?

A bit more information about my needs.

1 client will be streaming and it needs to be able to handle 4K streaming ?

Just stay away from the MyCloud Home versions. The home version has been a nightmare for many here.

I would stay away from any cheap NAS. In the NAS market you get what you pay for. 4 bay is nice but a two bay will do for home media. Both synology and qnap have excellent devices.

I’d also stay away from any home built solutions unless you enjoy spending time dicking around with things.

Thanks for all the advise.

If a cheap NAS is bad then I might build my own instead. The price will be around the same as Synology and QNAP but more powerful for ‘outside’ the home streaming with Plex.

Another solution could be Netgear X10 router but the home build seems like a more ‘safe’ solution when you compare user experiences.