NAS Drive - Accessing Files on XBMC Clunky interface

I have had the ATV1 for some time with ATV flash and our media running off an external HD.  We have all of movies and stuff on there and part from the hassle of syncing it works great.  I recently purchased ATV2 for our kitchen, the intention was to stream stuff from our NAS drive wich is a WD MYbook world edition.  After purchasing it I purchased ATV flash black, installed XBMC and it is all working.

I am however a little disappointed, whilst XBMC works well for playback I find the whole interface a little clunky, we have hundreds of films and TV shows and finding what you want is quite painful.  Also the fact that our content is stored under files rather than movies is not ideal and it is certainly not wife or child friendly.

The built in media player does not work with my NAS drive for some reason (it sees and recognizes the drive but cannot access it)  so I am stuck with XBMC.  Am I missing something with XBMC?  I see people raving about it but I just find it clunky and unintuitive, I am hoping I have missed something in the setup/import stage as right now swapping the ATV for WDTV seems quite an attractive option.

Thoughts appreciated…

We’d love to hear about the issues you’re having with Media Player. If you’re able to open a support ticket as described in the link below we’ll do our best to track down what may be going on.

Hi neil74,


on MediaPlayer, did you try adding the source as SMB by yourself? I had a similar problem, and when i entered everything manually and set the protocol to SMB, it worked!

I guess that the server-searching feature of MediaPlayer goes for UPnP Devices, maybe that is the problem. I also had a WD MyBook before, and i had many problems with their built in UPnP support.

Good Luck!

MediaPlayer (beta6) is one of the few media players that can directly access my Drobo FS. I have tried with any number of media players and they all failed. It’s an excellent app. 




neil74- You can manually setup your Mybook World using SMB then setup some favourites and Media player will work a treat for you.

Instructions for manual setup are covered under the support tab- you will need user/pass if you don’t already have it for your NAS you can access advanced config from bonjour (on MAC) via Safari’s bookmarks

Let me know if you need further help