NAS Choice - Synology DS418 or DS418 Play

Looking to upgrade my file system to a Synology NAS instead of my current setup using a Time Capsule with a lot of external hard drives connected through a USB-Hub. My current setup works flawlessly, but I want to future-proof myself and have a more secure setup.

The question is: Should I save some money choosing the cheaper Synology DS418 (not the Play version) that don’t support video transcoding? From my understanding Infuse and the Apple TV4K does all the hard work and transcodning.

I just want to be sure before I buy anything.

I mostly play 4K HDR .mkv files (50-90GB) and I have no issues today with regular external 2.5 5400rpm hard drives.

Thanks in advance.


Go with the play. It’s an intel processor. More flexibility if you want to add strange packages later on. Through out might be better as well.

If it’s just between those two, then I would second the DS418play. I would recommend getting a DS918+ though. The main reason for that is that you can expand it later (4K movies take up a lot of space…) and it gives you a quad core over a dual core.

Thanks for the suggestions!