Naruto episodes have generic description instead of episode description

Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me out with the following issue I’ve been having:

I have all the seasons of the original run of Naruto and for season 1 infuse will neatly present each episode with a specific description of that episode. But after season 1 (two and more) all episodes get the same generic description. I’ve tried renaming the episodes to all sorts of episode counts but nothing seems to work. TMDB has Naruto on 52 episodes each season. Does anyone have any ideas?


If you provide a screen cap of how you have the seasons that aren’t pulling the correct descriptions named and arranged it would help. At least an exact example for a few of the different episodes from those.

Also how do you have the files organized?

Yes of course, d’uh could have thought of that myself… :sweat_smile:

So the first three screenshots are made using S03E01 convention (doesn’t work)
Folder structure is just Anime / Naruto

The bottom three screenshots are the same episodes, but renamed to follow the season information provided by TMDB. Same folder structure, same issue.

As you can see, all episodes have the same descriptions and same images etc. All my other anime works just fine btw. It’s just this one.

Looks like the episode numbers are all wrong on TMDB. Season two should restart at 1, not 53.

Yeah I noticed that too, I usually used TheTVDB for naming conventions. Anything I can do about it?

There is discussion here that it should all be one season: a mod concurs, but the date that is to happen remains undefined.

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Regarding the descriptions, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be working correctly if one uses the current TMDB numbering system (until the consolidation into one season takes place), given that the customized descriptions currently exists for every episode listed at TMDB.

The only thing I can imagine that might make a difference identifying the files is that since there are 220 episodes overall, the Episode IDs all might need to be padded to three digits?

Naruto (2002)
     folder.jpg      <— Series Poster
     fanart.jpg      <— Series Fanart
     Season 1
          folder.jpg      <— Season 1 Poster
          Naruto (2002) S01E001.mkv
          Naruto (2002) S01E052.mkv
     Season 2
          folder.jpg      <— Season 2 Poster
          Naruto (2002) S02E053.mkv
          Naruto (2002) S02E104.mkv
      Season 3
          folder.jpg      <— Season 3 Poster
          Naruto (2002) S03E105.mkv
          Naruto (2002) S03E158.mkv
      Season 4
          folder.jpg      <— Season 4 Poster
          Naruto (2002) S04E159.mkv
          Naruto (2002) S04E220.mkv

I always recommend including the full series name and year in both the series containing folder name and in the episode filenames themselves — I’ve found this leads up the highest likelihood of successful matches.

Sorry for the late reply, your solution at least got me to have the right preview tiles. So now I can see what episode I’m gonna watch etc. Thank you!

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