Naming styles for TV shows

Hi there

Currently I’m looking for a good media player on my iphone 5s and I struggled over Infuse 2.

I really like the approach of receiving the metadata directly from themoviedb. This does work quiet well with my movies. But I registered some issues with my TV shows.

My file structure is as follows:

… / House of Cards / Season 1 /

  • S01E01 Das Spiel beginn.mkv
  • S01E02 Der Gesetzesentwurf.mkv
  • ...

… / House of Cards / Season 2 /

  • S02E01 xxxx.mkv
  • S02E02 xxxx.mkv
  • ...

… / Sherlock Holmes / Season 1 /

  • S01E01 xxx.mkv
  • ...

I searched for the supported naming schemes and found the knowledge base article ( which states, that only the following styles are supported:

  • Name[.]S#[.]E#.ext (E.G. The Office.S1.E5.mkv)
  • Name[.]SE#[.]EP#.ext (E.G. The Office.S1.EP5.mkv)
  • Name[.]<Season>#[.]<Episode>#.ext (E.G. The Office.Season1.Episode5.mkv)
  • Name[.]#x#.ext (E.G. The Office.1x5.mkv)

I’ve seen that on AppleTVs App further schemes are supported. Why aren’t they supported inside the iPhone App?

It would be really cool, if Infuse 2 would also include the relative path (House of Cards/Season1/…) in addition to the episode’s filename. 

And in general, the best thing would be, if Infuse would support the same Naming schemes as XMBC does ( What do you think about?

If this could be implemented, I’d be your next customer and user for sure :-).


This is something we’re looking into for an upcoming version.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Looking forward using the new features soon :wink:


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