naming movie series problem with metadata search


I have problem with Movie series like “James Bond” or “Harry Potter”, to order them I name them like this :

007.14.Never say it again.avi

But metadata doesn’t find the movie, it only work when I name it ‘never say it again.avi’

How can I name the movie to order and get metadata work ?



Good question. I wonder if it would be possible to provide a search for metadata instead of having to rely on the somewhat short list that popluates when looking for a title’s info.

You can search custom titles for metadata in xbmc, but not in media player.


What you need to remember with metadata scrapers is that they use the movie title, nothing else, and it’s a simple keyword search that finds the right data. If you run all your files through something like TheRenamer then you quickly find out which ones can scrape and which ones can’t. All my files are named as per IMDB scrapers as so:

TITLE (YEAR).avi (ie. Never Say It Again (1983).avi)

Most reliable way i’ve found so far TBQH.

Thanks for your answer, but if you put number to order the files like :

01.TITLE 01.avi
02.TITLE 02.avi

The metadata search doesn’t work well


…and it never will. Movies are handled differently by scrapers than tv shows. If you want to use metadata scrapers then you need to be using correct naming conventions.

Yes it’ll be great to have a search engine for this kind of problems.