Naming convention confusion

I ripped my complete series of Seinfeld, among other titles, years ago before Apple TV. The names were as follows:

/TV Shows/Seinfeld/Season 1/1 - The Seinfeld Chronicles.mp4

I set everything up in iTunes and assigned the metadata appropriately. When I purchased Infuse, I pointed it to my drive and it worked. Although I mostly use Infuse, I also run Plex on occasion. Plex was having difficulty with my naming convention so I went through and renamed everything as follows:

/TV Shows/Seinfeld/Season 1/1 - The Seinfeld Chronicles - S01E01.mp4

iTunes and Plex both worked like a charm with the new naming convention, but Infuse through up a fuss. By simply adding the Season and Episode numbers Infuse got confused. Infuse dumped everything into one big messy list and would not recognize my seasons. I removed everything from the drive, copied back in, manually pointed it to local metadata, etc., etc. Nothing I did would make Infuse recognize my files. Eventually, I gave up and reverted to my old naming convention and I’m just going to have to live with Plex making a few errors on these shows.

My question is why can’t Infuse handle the second naming convention when it handles the first one so easily. I don’t get it.

When using a name like “/TV Shows/Seinfled/Season 1/1 - The Seinfeld Chronicles - S01E01.m4v” Infuse will attempt to find S01 E01 of the series named ‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’. Of course since this series does not exist you will not get any results.

What you may try is moving the season episode portion to the front of the filename.


/TV Shows/Seinfled/Season 1/S01E01 - The Seinfeld Chronicles.m4v