Naming and displayin TV Shows

TV Show with only one season:

How to name and create xml files for TV show with only one season.
Of course I could use Metadata 101 – Firecore and name files show-name_s01e01.ext.
But this way i would have one more click to select only Season 1.

TV Show with Special Episode in two parts:

When naming Special episodes ‘metadata 101’ say: For episodes classified as a ‘special’ a season number of 0 should be used.
S00E01 - special episode for season 1
but how to name when special episode is split into two parts as Top Gear Season 22 - Patagonia Special part 1 and part 2.

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There is limited support for using XML files with TV shows, and it won’t be possible to create a TV show or season without having the series matched to something on TheTVDb.

With regard to the Top Gear Patagonia special in particular, it looks like TheTVDb has it listed as 2 separate episodes (68 & 69) so you can just use those numbers for the 2 parts.

Thanks for answer.

Well… maybe not exactly true…
I renamed all files to match pattern “[TV Show Name] s01e01 [episode title]” and modify a little xml file found in ‘metadata 101’ :

ZMIENNICY s01e01 Ceny Umowne.xml

<media type="TV Show">
<title>Ceny umowne</title>
<description>Jacek Żytkiewicz jes[…]
<name>Mieczysław Hryniewicz</name>
<name>Ewa Błaszczyk</name>
<name>Bronisław Pawlik</name>
<name>Wojciech Pokora</name>
<name>Piotr Prągowski</name>
<name>Kazimierz Kaczor</name>
<name>Krzysztof Kowalewski</name>
<name>Marcel Szytenchelm</name>
<name>Stanisław Bareja</name>
<name>Stanisław Bareja</name>
<name>Jacek Janczarski</name>

Now i can see this show in ‘All TV Shows’ as every other show. But inside I have ‘Season 1’, which I would like to get rid of but I’m stuck for now :slight_smile:

Great, glad it’s working!

It looks like that series is listed on TheTVDb (Zmiennicy - but you can definitely use XML files to override the info Infuse is able to pull from there.