N00b: What is ATV Files?

As it says above, what does ATV Files provide which my ATV does not have yet? Looking through this forum here it seems that I play/view videos? So, what would be the advantage here compared to NitoTV or XBMC?


ATVFiles is a simpler interface that will allow playback of Quicktime files only. It does not have the metadata import options of Sapphire, or the mplayer/DVD playback capabilities of nitoTV.

Actually, ATVFiles is an AppleTV (ATV) plugin that allows the user to browse the entire ATV file system via the Finder and Apple Remote. This allows you to navigate to files that would not normally sync to the ATV, files stored on a network drive or another Mac, for instance. Combined with the proper codecs, ATVFiles will allow you to play any of your media.

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