N00B- So many questions

HI guys, and sorry for all the questions, you must get tied of them, but I dont know where to start to look for answers when I know nothing about jailbreaking, only the horror stories.

So, basically, I have set up a Plex Server for my friend, and he has the AppleTV2 but at the latest FW…doh!..The end game of my task is to get the pleb client if possible, or plan B, a media player working on it that will talk to the media library on his PC.

Reading a few F&A on jailbreaking, Im not sure about tethering and untethered…if tethered, dows that mean the ATV2 has to be connected to a computer everytime it powers on?


I was thing about buying the aTV Flash, as it looks like it has a nice easy interface for N00bs like me to install apps etc…

So, if I have to tether jailbreak to get aTV Flash on, will that allow me to put PLEX on and will I have to connect the ATV to computer evertime I power it on?


Cheers guys…Im totally lost on this and dont want to brick my mates aTV

Basically a tethered JB requires the device (ATV2) to boot with an aid of a tether boot program, in this case Seas0npass. You don’t have to tether boot it every time unless you disconnect the power cord. Since ATV does not have a power off function, you’re actually putting it into sleep mode. You can reboot it without having to connecting to a computer.