n00b question: how do you update the Firecore software?

Didn’t see anything in the FAQ and was wondering how you update the Firecore software. Do you just run the installer from your Mac again and it only updates the files it needs? Or do you need to backup first, then run the installer, coz it’s going to wipe everything?

You usually update via the ATV Mainetnance->Manage Extras menu unless for some time FireCore give you instructions to the contrary (as they did for the update from the 0.x to the 1.x series of software).   Settings are retained while doing this.   There is also an option under the Maintenance menu to backup/restore settings in case you ever need/want to wipe the ATV2 and start again.

Sorry, there’s every chance I’m just blind to it but I don’t see anything in the Maintenance/Manage Extras menu for updating. I mean updating to 1.1.1 of the ATV Flash software - when I first installed it I ran the installer that was in the download from this site. Now I’ve got round to grabbing 1.1.1 and it’s the same installer so do I just run it and then restore a backup of settings?


I’m not meaning the particular components or third party bits like NitoTV. I don’t see anything for updating them either, come to mention it, although perhaps that’s because there aren’t any updates for them? Thanks for the reply.

Just went ahead and ran the installer from my Mac, seems to all be fine, didn’t need to restore a backup. So, yeah…


Ta :slight_smile:

If any of the FireCore software components has been updated, then when you go into the Manage Extras menu you will see any components that have been updated having a status of Updated instead of Installed. You then update that component from there.

In fact, as far as I know all the Installer ever does is install the Maintenance menu so that you can elect to install components. It is only at the point you elect to install (or update) a component that the latest binaries for that component are downloaded from the FireCore repository so they can be installed.

Well I’m confused. I see nothing in the Manage Extras menu that says anything can be updated. What am I downloading from Firecore when I get the 1.1.1 update, then? The ‘About’ menu says 1.1.1 is now running, and Media Player version number is 1.1.1 too so it looks like launching the Installer I downloaded did the job.


If anyone can clarify either way please chip in! :)

All the installer does is install the latest version of the Maintenance app on the ATV2. When you first went into the Manage Extras option it would have shown the Maintenance app as “Installed”, and all the other apps as “Not Installed”. From here you would have installed the other apps you wanted and in doing so picked up the latest version of these apps.

As an example assume that 1.1.2 of the Maintenance app becomes available from FireCore. Now the Maintenance app will have the status changed to “Update”, and the description will change to say the update is for the 1.1.2 version. Highlighting the Maintenance app and pressing OK would download and install the update. On completing that the Status would again be shown as “Installed” and the description would say 1.1.2.

The same applies to any of the FireCore apps. Each component gets updated individually using the same process. In other words you update components directly on the ATV2 without having to use your PC/Mac.

If this is not clear, then I suggest you simply wait until an update is available and go and look at he Manage Extras list when it should become obvious.