My Pictures and a Slideshow

Looking for suggestions on the best way to do slideshows from my NAS photo files.  Media Player doesn’t seem to have enough controls for me.

As far I know you can only view the photos from NAS with the option of flipping to next / prev. image with the remote.
You can not configure a slideshow as i.e. from the Flickr menu with different effects etc.
Also it seems that the photos are not always auto rotated.

FireCore team should definitely make some improvements to the photo viewer. 

In media player you can select a folder on your NAS to run a slide show but it has only 1 default page layout and transition.  It will auto load and go through the folder.  I am looking for something more like was on the original AppleTV,  

Can I use the existing AppleTV slideshow controls to control pictures from the NAS?  


I am sure there is a better way.

As far I know you can not change the settings of the default slideshow in the Media Player. It seems that photo viewing features are not the highest priority of the fireCore team :-(