My personal streaming service in the cloud

Are any of you using OneDrive as a server for Infuse? I’ve made a setup that I think is pretty cool.

I have a total of approx. 16 TB stored in OneDrive, spread over three Microsoft 365 Family accounts. All folders of videos are shared with the main account, which allows me to add whatever I want to Infuse.

One advantage is that I have access to all the content no matter where in the world I am, as long as the internet connection is good.

Another advantage is of course that I don’t have to worry about hard drive failure.

With Infuse’s ability to add favorites and collections with files from any folder, this becomes a very flexible setup. Recommended!


Powerful advantages, combined with not needing to run and maintain your own network box.

Potential disadvantage is the $300 per year cost and perpetual subscription model (based on the internets telling me three Family Plan accounts are good for 6TB each at $99 per year).

Quick Amazon search shows that same $300 could currently get you either an 18TB Exos X18 enterprise class hard drive or 18TB IronWolf NAS drive … but you’d of course want two to not worry about date loss in case of an untimely hard drive failure … and you’d probably want a Synology box to keep them in …

Running your own NAS can certainly save one some money over the long term, say 3+ years … (I’ve got consumer NAS drives still going strong after some eight years of up time) … but the start-up cost is certainly non-negligible … and if you don’t plan far enough ahead you might kinda regret not having anticipated just how much content you’d actually be generating a few years down the road. Cloud services have the nifty advantage of being able to scale up (or down) whenever needed with just the push of a button … and that’s pretty cool.

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Excellent answer, and your points are valid. I have done the same calculations as you have.

As you mention, there is a trade-off between a very high starting price and expenses spread over time.

I do not deny that a NAS solution can be more favorable in terms of cost over time. It depends on how often you have to change the NAS itself and how often you have to change hard drives.

With OneDrive, you get peace of mind and the costs are affordable. It has a great value to me.

But even greater is the value of simplicity. I can use Infuse in the cabin, on the train, everywhere. I always have my collection with me. It is possible that this can be achieved through a Synology solution as well. I haven’t researched it that thoroughly.

As for the question of whether it’s worth it, that can of course always be debated. For me, it’s not just about having my collection available. It is also about the satisfaction of learning and setting up technical solutions. And as a bonus, the wow factor among friends and family is quite high when I explain to them how things work and show how cool Infuse can make a private collection. So this is kind of a hobby for me, to be honest.

That said, my setup is just an example. Other people’s setups may be just as good.

When it comes to storage capacity, you don’t necessarily need to have everything in the cloud all the time. For example, I can watch a TV show for a period of time. When I’m done with it, I can delete it from OneDrive and upload another one. This is very simple. In any case, I have a backup of all the content at home.

By the way, it is entirely possible to expand the capacity of a Synology NAS as well, so in that area I would not claim that OneDrive is a more secure solution.

In conclusion, I would like to say that one of Infuse’s great strengths is precisely the possibility to choose a number of different setups according to what you prefer. Infuse allows you to personalize everything to a great extent, which I really appreciate.

In addition to that, Infuse is always at the forefront when it comes to exploiting opportunities that arise, which we now see, among other things, through their testing of Dolby Vision opportunities.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Infuse is completely unique when it comes to contact with its customers. Therefore, I believe that Infuse is not only the best app of its kind on the planet, but also, in general, a shining example of how a customer-friendly business should be run.

The most annoying thing about Infuse is basically that the price is unreasonably low compared to what you get for the money. :slight_smile:

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