"My Movies and network share

Hi all

My current setup is an imac and powerbook pro, these are both bound to my osx server 10.4 using open directory. On that server is a media share which contains one central library which all my family use. I have just purchased a new atv and would like to link it to this share, I set me share on the server to be both afp and smb as from reading i take it my atv will not support afp as this was removed after 1.0.

My question is if i setup to automount this share with nito tv network settings will all the media (movies, tv shows etc) appear in the atv menu, eg will my movies on my share appear in the Movies —> My Movies list or will they only be available through nito, i only ask as it my cause confusion to family members if they have to go else where to play media than the standard apple menus

I just dont want to have to have one of my macs running all the time, i suppose i could create a restricted account and have the server logged in to this account with itunes running instead of installing atvflash, not sure of the security risks to the server having an account logged in

Unfortunately the only media that will appear in the standard Apple menus (Movies, TV Shows etc) is media that is being synced or streamed through iTunes.

thanks for the reply

you got to love apple some times (all about being green but then you need to run a computer to watch your library)

think i will look at creating a restrcted account on my server and have this running itunes and sync the atv to that, my automator scripts should ensure that if anyone adds to the library then these should appear in the servers library