My most wanted list (coming from ShieldTV/Kodi)

Hello, as a long time Shield TV (Kodi, Plex) and Apple TV 4K (Infuse pro) user I would like to give my two cents of what might be worth implementing from Kodi.

First of all, Apple TV 4K with Infuse is already superior as I prefer image quality over sound. Future Steam home streaming and Atmos suport only sways the balance more.

But of course Bit Streaming, GameStream and Chromecast are good points to Android TV along with IMO better games.

To make Infuse even better comparing to Kodi on Android TV, I would implement these changes:

-better subtitles handling, which covers:
-automatic subtitles downloading
-finding subtitles simultaneously on two or more languages, with prioritization and country flags
-adjusting subtitles timing when video is running, now video is stopped and its almost impossible to adjust correctly

-.ZIP and .RAR support for watching packed video files
-IMDB integration where up to date score can be seen and user can cast own vote after watching the video
-better home screen customization as it’s now quite hard to do, maybe dedicate own settings page for this with additional options for different views (I love Kodi’s Aeon Nox info Wall and episode views on library)
-fast forwarding the video, one press +10sec, two fast presses +30sek, three fast presses 10min and reverse
-automatic trailers on library ala Netflix
-When next episode is coming up
-Second screen option for iPad, choosing what to watch, controlling playback of the ATV etc.

Hopefully in the future Apple would also allow true Bit Streaming and even better adjustment of video settings to make ATV the ultimate streaming machine.

I also used Kodi before. Please DON’T change so behavior is like Kodi because it’s not user friendly at all.

Get used to infuse instead. It’s more plug and play and not drowning in unnecessary features…

Besides perhaps dual screen and more views for libraries I don’t see how these would clutter Infuse. I would also detest of having too many feature and gimmicks or having infuse to copy Kodi looks, but these suggestions just enhance the current ones.

By the way, sorry for posting this to support forums. I think right would be “suggestions”.