My Metadata storage seems too high

I recently upgraded from Infuse Pro v5 to Pro v6. When I opened v6, it asked me if I wanted to import my synced videos (and metadata I believe…?) from v5. I’m in the process of moving into a new place, so for the time being, I have NOT installed v6 on my Apple TV or iPhone (only on my iPad). Also, right now I am connecting Infuse only to my mobile movie HDD (USB —> AirPort Extreme) which only has about 110 movies & 20 tv episodes.

My Infuse settings are telling me that my metadata is currently taking up 132 MB, which according to the other community posts I’ve read is extremely high!

Is there a reason this is happening…? I can only think of 2 possible culprits:

(1) I have metadata fetching & embedded metadata BOTH ON. I’m not sure if this matters though, because I thought Infuse uses one or the other based on a folder-to-folder basis?? Most of my mp4s have metadata embedded via Subler, but it seems like Infuse usually chooses to fetch meta unless I otherwise set a folder to use local metadata.

(2) I assume that the 132 MB figure on my iPad app includes all of the embedded or fetched artwork? If that’s true, does 132 MB seem like a reasonable figure for ~120 movies worth of artwork & metadata? Also, is there a way to view exactly how much iCloud storage space Infuse is taking up?

Should I turn off embedded metadata in general settings and just turn it on when a folder actually needs it, or will this not make much of a difference?

Obviously 132 MB isn’t that big of a deal, but I am concerned about what will happen when I connect my 8TB NAS that is 50% full of movies — especially since v6 now uses iCloud to sync most metadata between devices.

132 MB is not high. That is a very reasonable size for what you have.

As to the embedded metadata, unless you specifically go to the effort to encode the metadata into the video file you should leave embedded metadata turned off. That is the difference between “Embedded” and “Local”. Local is when you have added the individual files like nfo files and movie artwork and season posters as individual files in the folder the video is in.

Turn OFF Embedded and leave Fetch Metadata turned on and you’ll be fine. You won’t need to turn on Embedded unless you start compiling your own videos with everything wrapped into one file.

To see the Infuse storage in iCloud on iOS go to Settings > Tap on your Name/Apple ID Account > iCloud > Manage Storage. That screen will give you a list of apps and how much storage in iCloud they each are taking.

On a Mac you can go to System Preferences > iCloud > Manage… that will show the info there.


For me the problem is the ATV internal storage, usually is about 1GB, but one day ago I’ve added 1 tv shows episode and the size is now 2GB…this software is no longer as reliable as it has always been.

The problem is that once the metadata goes above 1GB it doesn’t display partial amounts until it hits 2GB so you could be sitting at 1.8GB and add just enough to put it to 2 and the amount shown would go from 1GB to 2GB. I think that there’s a fix in process so that the metadata will be shown as 1.X GB instead of just whole GB.

This has now been fixed in the 6.4.6 release. :smiley: I had the same issue as you, just adding a show or two the metadata appeared to double after 1 GB to 2 GB.

It appears that the old version would show 1GB for any amount at 1GB to 1.5GB then it’d show 2GB when it went above 1.5GB to 2.5GB and so on.

Now it shows the decimal portion of the size so it’s a ton easier to see how much you’re using for metadata.

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Yes you’re right.
In fact, now it show 1.6 GB.

Thanks for your help everyone! Good to know that the update fixed this issue. I’ll be sure to check it out this weekend.

Should I go ahead and delete my Infuse metadata and let it reload? It’s not that much content so reloading my library is not as big of a chore as it would be for some…

That’s strictly a personal choice, you’ll not gain anything really. The change only added the decimal point to the size displayed. Before small changes from 1GB to 1.5GB would only display 1GB and then it would display 2GB for 1.5+GB to 2.5GB.

Now instead of rounding to the next whole GB it shows tenths.

The problem was people would see the 1GB of metadata when they may have 1.49GB and after adding a show or two it’d add enough to take it to 1.51GB and it’d change to 2GB so it looked as though the metadata size doubled with the addition of a few shows.

I’d say to not worry about reload your metadata. :wink:

Gotcha. Thanks man that makes sense!

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