My MediaPlayer idea List

Thanks for a great system we have now used FireCore over the last many years and could not do without it. We are a small family of 2 adults and 2 children, 4 atv installation and in doing so I would really like to contribute with input to an even bettersystem.

Ability to search for a movie in the system
Ability to set a password on a movie, e.g. children protection
- When you delete a movie, the jpg file and xml file is not deleted

  • When you’ve selected a movie to read about what it is about, it would be nice if you could flip to the next movie in the folder, instead for going in and out constantly. And the opportunity to see the folder contents instead of what you’ve seen recently.
    - Nice that you can now remove an entire menu item, but could it be possibility only to remove a sub menu instead of the hole menu.

Thank you